Turkey and Brie on Sprouted Wheat


Toasted sprouted wheat bread with thick cut turkey breast, sliced Brie, thin sliced apples, fig jam, arugula, and a touch of Dijon

*CONTAINS: Milk, Wheat

INGREDIENTS: Roasted Turkey Breast (Turkey, Salt, Pepper), Sprouted Wheat Bread (Sprouted Whole Wheat, Water, Sprouted Wheat Berries, Starter [Water, Flour, Mother, Rye Flour], Yeast, Golden Flax Seed, Red Flax Seed, Tiger Ultra Flour [Wheat Flour, Emulsifier, Yeast Nutrient, Flour Treatment Agent, Rapeseed Oil], Salt), Brie Cheese, Granny Smith Apple, Arugula, Fig Jam, Dijon Mustard